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Palabras — brick at blue star

Very That Loves Brick at Blue Star

I had big party planned for next week at Brick at Blue Star for what would be my 8th anniversary with Very That and my 38th birthday. Last year’s bash had my heart wide wide wide open. I cultivate community through my events. They are not just parties, they are not just markets, they are a gathering of community, of comadres, to celebrate each other and to celebrate handmade and arte and musica. & my friends at Brick have always welcomed me and my ideas with open arms. 

What Brick means to me, and to so many of us small business owners and artists in San Antonio can only be described as HOME. Brick and Elizabeth helped me fine tune my craft and my pop ups, I was a vendor before finding Sunday Markets, but those weekly set ups became like lessons for me. Brick elevated my game. 
 Elizabeth kindly suggested display ideas, she instilled in me how important it is to present your store and products. She taught me how to layout a market and why flow is so impactful. When Elizabeth tells me she is proud of me, it’s like hearing it from my own family. 
I wish I knew how many times Very That has set up at this beautiful venue in the heart of South Town, I lost count a long long time ago. But this is where we go, this is where we set up, this is where we visit even on our days off, this is the place I tell all my friends that are new to vendors to start with. Brick is so deep inside of my heart, I cannot wait for the day when I open those big beautiful doors, walk in and say hello to so many of my friends, and look up at the chandeliers above me. 
Because of this and so so much more, I ask that you please donate to Brick’s Go Fund Me. Let’s take care of it the way it has taken care of us.