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Palabras — first blog

365 Days ago

May 31st 2014 will mark my very own freedom anniversary. A year ago on this day I walked out of work for the very last time. I'd been with KCI for nearly 9 years when I made the decision to give self-employment a chance. 
I'd like to say I've never looked back. This would be the part of the movie where the newly independent and financially secure woman smiles to herself and basks in the light of her chic and airy living room with an oversized mug filled with tea. I'm here to say that it doesn't always work like that! I have looked back several times wondering if leaving the security of a 401k, full benefits, and a weekly paycheck was the dumbest thing I could have done!

The last year has been a struggle, lots of mistakes and lessons learned, lots of heartache and a few overdue bills. But here I am now. I have survived my first year and am so appreciative of both the highs and lows. 

Welcome to VeryThat, I hope you find things that make you reminisce, laugh, and maybe even bask in the sunlight while you smile to yourself.