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      Casita Vibes

      When my house remodel started, I rented a Pod. I highly recommend this, bc it made moving my stuff in and out a breeze. Well, as breezy as something like that can be! It was an eyesore for two long months, but I'm grateful for that luxury.

      So in moving my stuff out, I also got rid of a good 3/4ths of the things in my house. See, this house is a gift, the greatest gift of my life, and came with a lifetime of family memories as well as a lifetime of THINGS. SO. MANY. THINGS. A lot of them my own, but mostly an accumulation of the things a family of six collects over 40 years.

      Moving my things back in was a way different experience than out. I kept a fraction of what was, even giving away things that were stored, and in settling back in, I'm being super intentional with what I keep and what I give away. Now, the only things that are in my house that were not originally mine, are the things I treasure with my entire heart. My grandparent's vintage dresser that still smells like their house, their owl light switch cover, my mom's owl cookie jar that was passed around in the family until it got to me.

      While I used to have a really difficult time with letting things go, I came to the realization that donating or discarding things does not mean I wasn't grateful for them, or that they didn't mean something to me. It means they served their purpose and now they'll serve someone else.

      Moving back in, I was really worried this "new" space wouldn't feel like the only home I've ever known. I was so wrong. The love doesn't live in the walls, the memories weren't discarded with the broken foundation.

      I find myself often overwhelmed with gratitude for this space, my home, my sacred place. I'm pouring love and care into it, every single evening after pouring love into Very That. It's an amazing chapter in my life, one that I feel very deeply.

      Product launch.

      Order material 
      Test and test and test 
      Practice a lot 
      Make a bunch of mistakes, expensive ones, even heartbreaking ones 
      Stay up v late in the process 
      Ooh, it's getting there 
      Oh snap, I think I got it
      Decide on the first few 
      Figure out the shipping part 
      Boxes and bubble wrap 
      It's gotta be cute 
      An amazing display for shows 
      It's gotta be cute cute 
      Ready to share 
      Take all the fotos 
      Create a cute background
      Different angles, good lighting 
      Write a great description, be precise with size and how it will be shipped 
      Decide on a price point 
      It has to be profitable but you will never overcharge 
      Create the listings 
      Check and recheck 
      Deep breath 
      And POST
      release this new thing into the world, hoping it will be well received 
      Thanking the machines that make it possible 
      Thanking the ancestors for the ganas 
      Thanking your mami and abuelas for the inspiration
      Thanking the friends that helped encouraged you through the rough bits 
      Thanking yourself for taking chances

      The Comeback

      I ran into a friend last night, literally-- ran into her! I was at La Botanica dropping off an order to a comadre, and she text saying she couldn't make it after all. I turned around, exhausted from working all day, which was pretty major considering La B was celebrating Lemonade's one year anni. I stopped dead in my tracks, and recognized the face that seemed equally surprised. We screamed... A lot. We hugged and and laughed and then screamed again. It has been around 5 years since I've seen her. We worked together at my last job, the job I left to be Very That full time. When she last saw me, my mama still had breast cancer- I was unhappy and pretty mean if we weren't close. It was all a cover up to how painfully dissatisfied with life I was. So we quickly caught up, in between all the hugging and laughing, and I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to tell my story now. I'm no longer unhappy, unchallenged, and complacent. I told her about Very That, my tiendita that went up and down, Mujeres Mercado, the crazy business relationship that made me question every single thing... and my comeback-- the beautiful rise of my confidence. I told her I found love, that I've traveled a bit, that my little creations have been shipped to places all over the world. Hearing the story come out of my own mouth was incredible. I feel so lucky to tell it, and I feel so ready to add more to it. 

      My Lexi <3

      My Lexi <3

      My niece, Lexi, is the official Very That model. She embodies the best of us, my mom, my sisters, me.... She brings so much light and love to my life, and capturing these fotos is extra sweet. 



      One of the best things my parents have ever shared with me is their love of music. Living in the house I grew up in, I constantly run into things left behind by my family. Most recently it was my Dad's old cassette tapes with SO many gems. Los Bukis and Juan Gabriel and Ramon Ayala. 
      In thinking about February and upcoming shows and themes for the month, I of course thing of Valentine's Day. The majority of my life I was a single girl for this holiday, and although this year I'm blissfully in love, I totally understand how heartache songs are just as magical as love songs! 
      I've created this sticker sheet for Las Solteras y Las Enamoradas. I feel you!!! 
      You can find this sticker sheet on my Etsy by clicking H E R E! I've created a special coupon code for you: TuSoloTu15 for 15% off your total purchase. Coupon is good through February, so get your shop on for you, your boo, and your comadres. 
      Thank you to my Mami and Dad for inspiring this with all the beloved canciones de mi juventud.